Monday, July 16, 2012

A Great (Grain) Way to Start Your Day!

Overnight No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal

I first saw this recipe posted on Pinterest, so of course I pinned it, and then, of course, I never did anything with it.  That seems to be the way I use Pinterest most of the time.  I get on there to find a recipe and get distracted pinning and totally forget what I was on there for in the first place.  Someone sent the link out to one of the email lists I'm on, reminding me of it, and last night I actually remembered to make it before I went to bed.  I tried it this morning, and it was fabulous!  I think I'll pretty much be doing this all the time now.  Below is the link to the original recipe from The Yummy Life blog.  I think I need to spend some more time at that blog, too, if this is any indication of the kinds of recipes we can expect.  Below the link I'll put in how I made mine, because, true to form, I didn't do it quite like the original.  Well, the original link gives lots of variations, and I just did my own that wasn't on her list.

I was a little confused at first trying to follow her recipe amounts, because in her pictures, she clearly is using a pint-size jar, but I realized when I was half through measuring out the ingredients, that the amounts she had put in the recipes was only enough to fill a 1/2 pint (1 Cup) jar.  I wanted the larger amount, so I went back a doubled the ingredients. I didn't have any Greek yogurt on hand, so I just used more milk, and it was fine. I think I prefer it without the added sourness, but that, of course, is a personal preference. Here's what I did:

Strawberry Maple Oatmeal in a Jar

In a pint jar, put the following:

1/2 C. regular or quick oats (dry)
1 C. almond milk (when I buy it, I always dilute it 1/2 and 1/2 with water)
1 T. chia seeds
1/2 t. vanilla
1 T. maple syrup

Put the lid on the jar and shake well.

Add enough to cut up strawberries to almost fill the jar and stir them in.  Put the lid back on the jar and put in the fridge over night.  She says it will last 2 to 4 days in the fridge, but I'm pretty sure mine isn't going to make it past noon today.  I think she may be mixing up a bunch of them at once, though, and in that case they might last longer.  Enjoy!


  1. I hope you don't mind me writing, I found your blog via Meridian magazine. I saw your latest post about the oatmeal and just had to be a second witness for you!!! I saw this on but have added a bit more to it and I love it!! Have been eating it for the last week..the best breakfast ever.
    I use a large ice cream container to mix mine and it lasts 2 days.
    I will share incase you want to try it.

    1/2 cup raw muesli ( or whole oats) not oatmeal...but large porridge oats
    2 tsp saltanas
    2 tsp coconut (good oil)
    2 tablespoon Greek yoghurt ( good probiotics in Greek yoghurt)
    1/2 a grated apple ( makes it so is yum with this, don't leave it out)
    1/2 cup frozen berries. Anything want, but blueberries have anti oxidants in them but they are expensive frozen. I use strawberries and boysenberries ..a mix. It is cheaper.
    Then I add some sesame seeds for calcium, ground flaxseeds and chia seeds for omega 3 and protein, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds...maybe a tsp of each.
    This makes it a really great texture
    1 tsp of nuts...walnuts, cashews etc if you haven't used a museli with nuts in. This makes it crunchy.
    Pinch of cinnamon
    1/2 cup milk.

    Leave over night after a good shake.

    Pop into a bowl and the icing on the breakfast tasting dessert (cos it tastes so good) some slivered/ Flaked almonds.
    This turns it into a cake!

    It is so yummy and so filling. This will do me for 2. Days with another bowl left if one of the kids wants ' a bit'

    It sounds expensive but you only use a small amount of everything and it is one easy way to get omega 3 's into you along with fibre and protein , calcium and probiotics , magnesium ( which is in ground flaxseeds )etc. it tastes like a fruit cake mixture before it is cooked but no sugar! Eggs, or butter to be seen.

    Nicola in new Zealand

  2. This sounds great! I just need a few clarifications: whole oats=oat groats? like you could grind into flour?, saltanas=raisins?, 2 tsp. coconut (good oil)=2 tsp. coconut oil or coconut?

    A picture of oat groats here to make sure we're talking about the same thing: Just making sure, because I didn't know they would soften in cold liquid, since I've always heated it when I make something with them.


  3. ha ha!! ok, so lets talk kiwi speak shall we.
    here is a link re wholegrain baking oats, like in museli I did a google search and this was a good pic. I think they are also called rolled/old fashion oats not quick oats, on the link you sent. They are bigger than instant oats..ha ha. not oat groat things, never seen them!

    Yes you could make oat milk with them and flour...just process them.

    Saltanas are smaller raisins, but raisins would be good too (dearer here for them) we get our saltanas from california or turkey. lucky us. Coconut is the shredded stuff, NOT oil. If you want you could also chop some dates up, will make it sweet or some dried apricots..YUM!

    fresh berries would work well like yours, but again..we only have seasonal produce here, so if it aint in season, you cant buy it. We live at the bottom of the world.....that just proves it!!

    I sometimes chop up a kiwi fruit (chinese goosebury?) as kiwi fruit have the same enzymes (as does fresh pineapple) as those expensive pro biotic things you can buy. Suppose to help with digestion, but I see you have that tea, so you might be ok. Kiwifruit is cheap and goes for a long season here. maybe that is why they are called kiwifruit, cos everyone can afford them.

    I have 5 kids..but they wont touch my breakfast, they like weetbix and cornflakes. Worse stuff for ya as nothing to it..but hey, i make up for it with lunch and dinner for them

    good luck, if any other things you dont understand email me, Let me know if you play around and find something fab. I read that ladies blog that you shared the original recipe on. She added all sorts, but i kind of like the natural stuff, no powdered chocolate, or peanut butter, maple syrup dont need it if you add real foods, but hers did look good and she said she had heated one (the mango one) and it was yum, so as we have winter here at the moment, warm might be quite good for me!! cheers nic

  4. ps museli is what I use instead of oats..cos it has more stuff in it. I dont use the toasted museli but the raw museli with dried fruit, coconut, nuts, rolled oats in etc. do you have museli?

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  6. pss! I think you call it granola? but i am talking raw granola with oats and stuff in..maybe you dont even have museli there!!???